Explain how the two social work recommendations are aligned with the study’s findings and Erikson’s theory.

Erikson’s theory is one of the most popular theories to explain psychosocial development. His theory consists of eight stages, and each is characterized by a psychosocial crisis. Generativity versus stagnation is the seventh stage, experienced by adults between the ages of 40 and 65. To better understand this concept of generativity, Warburton, McLaughlin, and Pinsker (2006) conducted a qualitative study with older Australians. In this Discussion, you analyze and apply the findings of the Warburton et al. study.
To prepare:
Review the following article from the Learning Resources: “Generative Acts: Family and Community Involvement of Older Australians” from The International Journal of Aging and Human Development.
Review the remaining required resources from your Learning Resources this week, and cite at least one additional resource in your posts.
By Day 4
Post a response to the following:
Summarize Erikson’s descriiption of generativity in 2–3 sentences.
Analyze how the findings from Warburton et al. (2006) are consistent or not consistent with Erikson’s definition of generativity.
Imagine that you are a researcher on the Warburton et al. research team, and then formulate two additional interview questions that align with Erikson’s theory about generativity versus stagnation.
Identify two specific recommendations for social work interventions or social work service delivery that align with the findings of the study and Erikson’s theory about generativity versus stagnation.
Explain how the two social work recommendations are aligned with the study’s findings and Erikson’s theory.

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