Do you agree with classmate perspective on the art of word, why or why not.

Artist Lin Fengmian, The Autumn Landscape, 1977
This work of art is special to me due to its serene and peaceful nature. I love the calm setting, the sense of “home” it brings to the audience. Looking at this painting, you see the vivid colors and the beautiful change of seasons depicted in the bright colors and swift bold brush strokes, as explained by Hong Kon Museum of Art (2021). This piece of art eludes an emotional response of calmness and peace. This work of art captivates the true beauty of nature and all its entirety. This piece reminds me of my childhood, where I grew up in rural Canada. The changes in seasons and colors bring me back to my childhood years and remind me of the pleasant adventures and experiences I had with my family. I believe this is exactly what the artist intended for this piece of art to do to the viewer – allow them to feel the calmness of nature and peace. According to (2021), Lin Fengmian sought to blend both eastern and western art, where he constructed his own ideal world within his work of cherished memories of his hometown and the peaceful home. In 1966 the artist was targeted by the cultural revolution, in fear of prosecution. Lin destroyed many of his works but nonetheless imprisoned for 4 years (, 2021).
I can relate to this piece, since life can be stressful and hectic – having something calming to look at may ease the eyes. After reading and researching this artist and this artwork, I absolutely love this piece. Lin’s work is captivating and made with such beautiful colors. Lin emulated aspects of distortion and simplification of Chinese folk art in his use of rich color and bold brush strokes, while integrating qualities of European experts such as Matisse, Picasso, and Rouault (, 2021).
China Online Museum (, 2021). Lin Fengmian. Https//
Do you agree with classmate perspective on the art of word, why or why not. Be spectific. What is the most convincing part of the post, why?

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