.Do students with disabilities benefit from inclusion?

Describe both sides of the controversary that surrounds research on the effectiveness of inclusive education programs .  Provide classroom examples or experiences that you use or could use in your classroom that support inclusive education (If you don’t have these types of students in your classroom, explain how you could include these students). Make sure your essay is 1 1/2 pages and no more than 2 pages double spaced. Be sure to include a title for your essay, an introductory paragraph, main ideas, examples, and a closing or summary paragraph.
questions teachers ask regarding inclusive programs
1.Do students with disabilities benefit from inclusion?
2.Do students without disabilities benefit from inclusion?
3.Do students with disabilities have a negative effect on the classroom environment, especially related to disruptive behavior?
4.Do teachers have enough time to effectively teach all students?
5.Do teachers have sufficient knowledge and skills to address the needs of all students?
6.Is sufficient professional development available to ensure teachers are well prepared for inclusive classrooms?
7.Do teachers have sufficient instructional materials?
8.Do teachers have sufficient personnel support in the classroom?
9.Do teachers have consultative support for highly specialized student needs from a team of professionals?
10.Do teachers have sufficient time to collaborate with other professionals?

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