Discuss how a transformational leader differs from other forms of leadership.

Please read the topic and answer accordingly.
Transformational leadership is known to be essential to achieving Magnet recognition. As a graduate nurse, you will be expected to become a leader and a transformational one. How will you describe a transformational leader, what are the roles that a transformational leader plays? Discuss how a transformational leader differs from other forms of leadership. Compare transformational leadership to one type of leadership that you know of, how will you implement this type of leadership? What barriers or challenges do you anticipate encountering? Review and research current evidence in leadership in your discussion. Give examples to support your work. Survey the literature and provide appropriate references with citations. Use APA format.
Discussion guidelines:
Initial posting minimum of 500 words
Areas to focus on
1. introduction
2. Knowledge and command of the subject matter
3. Define and explain main points
4. Support from the current literature, APA citations, and references (must be within 10 years)
5. Posting must engage peers with questions and discussions
6. Summary of Content

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