Define the theory and discuss it in terms of the topic you chose.

Students will write a 3-4 page (not including the Works Cited page) persuasive essay. Discuss how it applies to the ethical theory we have read and/or discussed in class. Outside material can be used. Write the paper making a valid and factual argument using the ethical theory we go over in class. I want your point of view on the topic, not the opposing view. I want you to convince me why you are right.
4. Write the paper as if the reader does not know about the topic. Define the theory and discuss it in terms of the topic you chose.
5. Do not forget to include ethical theory, you will be marked down if it is not included!
Ethical Theories that can be used: egoism and contractarianism, utilitarianism, deontological ethics, natural law, virtue ethics, and feminist ethics.
8. Only APA formatting will be accepted. Times New Roman with 12 Point Font and double spaced ONLY! Do not have fun with margins, bold, or line spacing. Must be submitted in Microsoft Word Format. You will be marked down if this is not abided by.
9. If you use outside sources to prove your argument you MUST cite correctly using APA format and a Works Cited must be included. I encourage you to use outside sources, it will not only help to defend your argument but will also help you become better acquainted with writing formatting.

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