Complete the requirements in each step in a Microsoft Word document. Step 1: Pr

Complete the requirements in each step in a Microsoft Word document.
Step 1: Primary Research
First, you will decide how you are going to approach the primary research required for Project 1.
Indicate who the stakeholders are who are affected by the local or professional problem you are analyzing.
Indicate whether you will interview or survey stakeholders.
Draft at least 5 questions you will ask stakeholders, indicating whether they will be for an interview or a survey, in order to develop a more thorough view of the problem.
Step 2: Secondary Research
Perform some initial secondary research through ASU Library or reliable web sources, looking for relevant secondary sources. You might explore:
What local news sites say about your problem
What government documents relate to your problem
What community newsletters say about your problem
Find at least three relevant, credible sources from the ASU Library or the web.
Step 3: Secondary Research Annotation
For each secondary source you identified in Step 2:
Cite the source using APA formatting.
Directly under the source, write a paragraph that:
Summarizes the main points of the source.
Evaluates the credibility of the source.
Explains the relevance and applicability of the source for your project. Why is the source important to use? How is it relevant to your analysis? How might you use it in your project?
Clearly identified stakeholders
5 questions for stakeholders for either an interview or survey
3 secondary references in APA format with paragraph-long annotations
Either PDF or Microsoft Word-compatible format
I have attached what has already been written

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