Choose one conflict only. 3. Determine the two major issues that would cause the conflict to escalate in 2021.

1. Read the report – see the attachment “10 Conflicts to Watch in 2021.”
2. Choose one conflict only.
3. Determine the two major issues that would cause the conflict to escalate in 2021.
4. Go find 6-8 journal articles that would support the issues that you found, within the context of the country or area you’re reviewing. The articles do not have to be from 2020 or 2021 but they should be recent and relevant.
5. The idea is to provide the scholarship from the journal articles that would support the authors’ positions in “10 Conflicts to Watch.”
Answer all the following questions using the journal articles to support:
(a) Do you agree or disagree with the authors in the reasons why they are concerned about the conflict?
(b) What is the basis for the conflict in the two issues that you’ve identified?
(c) Are the issues common in the international community?
(d) If the issues are commonly found in the international community, then give some examples. If they are not, then discuss why this country or area is different than what we see elsewhere.
(e) Given the basis for the conflict and the issues you have identified, what type of intervention would you argue as most effective in resolving this conflict? We’ve explored methods such as negotiation, mediation, arbitration, sanctions, a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd generation peacekeeping operation, or a peace enforcement operation (i.e., a military intervention without the consent of the host state, such as that which might be authorized under R2P). Please explain why.
General instructions: In international relations, it is a skill to write within a defined space.
This is a research assignment. Use school library as your primary method to find sources. Peer-reviewed journal articles are required.
Some good journal databases are ProQuest and Academic Search Premier.
Even though it is a research assignment, avoid quotes of more than one or two lines. Try to paraphrase and attribute the author within your writing rather than quoting. You will need formal citations – which means in-text references (Author year, page) as well as a corresponding full entry in the References List. Do not list sources that are not used specifically within the text.
Our citation style is Chicago 17th Author-Date.

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