briefly explain your view of Racism in the US Justices System and in US culture.

Course is HUB 401 Conflict resolution
Write a reflective essay outlining and briefly explaining your view of Racism in the US Justices System and in US culture. Use examples from the 12 Angry Men Movie, other movies, books, and/or real life experience.
(I am a 32 year old hispanic female who was born in the U.S., lived in California my entire life, and work in security at a high school).
The defendant on trial in the movie 12 Angry Men is described as a young male minority member; dark of skin, and a poor Hispanic or since it is New York City most likely a Puerto Rican. During the jury deliberations a good deal of prejudice is expressed by at least one jury member and alluded to by several others. The criminal justice system in The USA has been accused of being stacked against the poor and against minority members of our society. Please respond to the following question in your Reflective Essay. Do not answers the question directly but include them in the content of your essay.
Do you think the trial would have gone differently if the young man was white, from a more affluent family, and the defensive attorney was a high paid lawyer rather than a public defender?
Do you think the jury would have taken on the case in a more deliberate manner rather than start off with an 11 guilty 1 not guilty vote if the defendant was an affluent white male?
Have you experienced either personally, through the experience of friend, or through example from the media, racial discrimination in the law?
12 angry men movie is found on you tube for free
Your essay is to contain a minimum of 2 full-pages of content. It is to be written in APA format with a Title page, Reference page, and with correct spelling and English grammar. Integrate at least two (2) relevant peer reviewed scholarly articles/sources, in addition to at least one citation from your textbook/course materials. Be sure to cite your sources on the References page at the end of your paper and use APA formatting throughout
course required text book
Negotiation: Strategies for Mutual Gain (1st Edition)
By: Hall
ISBN: 978-0-8039-4850-1

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