Why is inspiring a shared vision an important leadership competency

Course Learning Objectives:
6. Recommend therapeutics that span accountability of the interprofessional team.
7. Estimate the impact of changes in agency and health policy on outcomes.
8. Evaluate the effectiveness of information technologies to promote safety and quality care.
American Association of Colleges of Nursing: Baccalaureate Essentials II, VIII, IX
Initial post Wednesday, first responses Friday, complete conversation by Sunday
Answer the following questions: o Compare and contrast the roles of leadership versus management and discuss why these two are distinctly different. o o o What can aspiring nurse leaders do to overcome negative stereotypes of nurses and nursing, create a genuinely positive leadership image, and convey that image to achieve desired goals? One of the nursing leadership competencies is development of interpersonal and communication skills. How do these skills aid the nursing leader in leading and directing their team? Why is inspiring a shared vision an important leadership competency? How does the nurse leader encourage their team to “share” the vision and move towards that goal? o Include at least one (1) current scholarly resource from the literature to support your response. o Follow APA 7th edition style guidelines for in-text citations and reference list *You will also need to include an APA reference list at the bottom of your post to the extent possible in Bb DB format (i.e. no indenting or double spacing).*

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