The research design and the rationale for this decision, buttressed by citations from the research literature.

The sections or paragraph headings to be included this assignment are: 1) The research design and the rationale for this decision, buttressed by citations from the research literature. 2) The context for the study: Indicate where and when the study will be conducted and whether access has been assured. 3) Data & subjects: What is the source of data for the study? Are you relying on an already existing data file that someone else has already collected? Which one? Describe it. Who or what are the subjects of this research? What is the unit of analysis? What is the selection process? How many will be included in the study? Discuss the feasibility and the methodological rationale for the type of sample and its size. Address how sampling will address sub-population issues, as appropriate. Are there any excluded categories of people or vulnerable populations according to the Committee on Clinical Investigation criteria? 4) Measures: Itemize and define the critical concepts, key terms and variables to be used in the study. Every dependent and independent variable in the study must be operational zed, that is, defined clearly and exactly. 5) Procedures: How are you going to collect data; How are you going to analyze the data?; it is highly recommended to identify specific analytic strategies and techniques, which can be found in several Qualitative Data Analysis texts. This section also includes data collection and data analysis 6) Protection of human subjects: All plans, letters, consent forms related to protection of human subjects, as applicable. Please make sure that at least 6 sources (references) are 2018 and newer. Open the attached document and make sure all of the sections are in the this document. If they are not represented, then add information in those sections. Also, add a 1/2 page to the section titled “Hermeneutic Phenomenology”.

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