discuss an aspect of the death rites and rituals used when someone dies.

Understanding Death, Grief, and Loss and Why Death Rites and Rituals are Important
Topic- Death Rites and Rituals: New Orleans Jazz Funerals
4th Source- Textbook Chapters 9 – 11 in Understanding Dying, Death and Bereavement.
An Online Research Project – Seek out the following, (a) Peer Reviewed Journal Article (b) a national media article and (c) a website that discusses, provides facts, or reports on such findings. In addition to these resources, your text is also available.
Using your identified resources, discuss an aspect of the death rites and rituals used when someone dies. These rites and rituals may include: last rites, death notifications, funerals, celebrations, unique culture and diversity rites and rituals, etc. Remember to be sure to explain why these are important and explain the purposes they serve.
In this assignment learners will conduct analysis as it applies to the context of cultures, individuals, and/or families by applying concepts being studied. While using the text to support perspectives, positions, points of view, and thoughts in an assignment is expected, accessing scholarly resources outside of the text is allowable. Be sure to cite these resources in-text and on your reference page using APA format. Remember, the integration of course materials, readings, resources, etc is encouraged and expected.
Reminders for Academic Writing Assignment:
3 page minimum
3 in-text citations required. Text may be used in addition to these three.
Title Page and Reference Page Required
Strong Introduction
Strong Concluding Paragraph
Format –
Times New Roman
12 point font
1 inch margins
Double spaced
Fully developed paragraphs following basic Academic Writing Standards
Title Page is Included but not counted in the total number of pages required.
Reference Pages do not count in the total number of assignment pages required
Copies of Artifacts, documentation, photographs, etc. do not count in the total number of assignment pages required.
APA Style

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