Demonstrate application of theory and concepts as they relate to the various responsibilities of food service management.

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Demonstrate application of theory and concepts as they relate to the various responsibilities of food service management.
Using the principles and guidelines presented in Chapters two and three of the Cousins, et al textbook, you will create a presentation using Prezi or PowerPoint as the format. Prezi is a free presentation software that provides a unique way of developing presentations (think of it as a variation of PowerPoint or Keynote).
If you decide to use Prezi, you will need to go to and create an account. If you haven’t used the software, please take a few minutes to review and watch tutorials provided by the Prezi channel on Youtube. If you are submitting a Prezi, be sure your link is not set to private so that your instructor can access it.
For the content of the assignment, you will identify a potential, new product to be added to an existing concept (an established organization, whether commercial or non-commercial). Once selected, you will create a presentation to introduce the product and assert why the product will be successful within the concept.
Areas of focus: [in no specific order of precedence]
Target market / Who is the consumer?; Who will buy?
Market research
Idea evaluation
Relevant factors of guest [meal] experience
Quality Assurance / Control, management, & standards
Cost / estimated, Break-even analysis, pricing [revenue, if appicable]
Product promotion
Like a standard essay, you should have an introduction and conclusion. You will also need to include an APA formatted reference page and in-text citations for cited content used to validate, corroborate, or provide a contrast to claims you make in the presentation.
**Note: For enterprising owners, you can use a menu item or product you want to use for your own business. You only need to evaluate the product in the context of a similar, existing concept to what you want to own.
Refer to the Rubric for details on how the assignment will be evaluated

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