Explain why a good healthcare system is not the only factor in a healthy nation.

View an introduction to the Assignment. Be sure to adjust your audio settings.
Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:
Compare health systems from different global settings.
Course outcomes addressed in this Assignment:
PU550-3: Analyze health systems from different global settings.
You are working at a non-profit global health organization that has been tasked with a large global report in order to keep their funding. You have been asked to do the section that compares the health systems of multiple nations.
Using the reporting form you will need to find the necessary information on five different countries to assure your section of the report is complete.
Use the Unit 7 Assignment Submission Template.
Follow all directions on the template.
You may select any five countries for the Assignment.
Provide a link to your sources within the chart as well as a formal, APA formatted reference list.
Use of reputable, unbiased sources is required.
Provide a detailed analysis of the countries pinpointing pros and cons of the systems. Use the countries name as a side heading (bolded) to distinguish your analysis of each nation.
Explain why a good healthcare system is not the only factor in a healthy nation. Use a side heading (bolded) to distinguish this portion of your analysis.
Use the determinants of health as a foundation for your analysis.
Submitting your work:
Submit your Assignment to the appropriate Dropbox.
Once grades have posted for Unit 7 you will not be able to submit additional work. If you have submitted a portion of the assignment but NOT all of it and are still working, please indicate this in the Dropbox by putting in a note such as: Still working! Failure to do so will result in the posted and graded work being considered complete and no additional content will be accepted.

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