Why is each type of evaluation important for understanding the efficiency and effectiveness of a program?

Evaluation can provide multiple types of information to stakeholders.
An effective evaluation can highlight client or community needs, assess efficacy, evaluate program operation and service provision, and provide information about cost/benefit ratios. Evaluation may also originate from inside an organization or be required by an external body. The type of evaluation needed for a given situation depends on the specific goals and needs of the program or organization. Sometimes, it may be beneficial to combine several types of evaluation to provide a more comprehensive picture of program performance.
For this Discussion, you will consider how the three types of evaluations you have studied—needs assessment, process evaluation, and outcome evaluation—work in concert to provide insight into a program’s performance and ability to achieve client goals.
To Prepare
Read Chapters 13 and 16 of the course text.
Consider the three types of evaluations that you have studied throughout the course:
Needs Assessment (Week 6)
Process Evaluation (Week 7)
Outcome Evaluation (Week 8)
Post to your Discussion and address the following:
1. What makes each type of evaluation distinct?
2. Why is each type of evaluation important for understanding the efficiency and effectiveness of a program?
3. What type of outcome evaluation would you propose for your program evaluation? Explain your selection.

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