What is the selection process?

The methodology section is to be thought of as a step-by-step road map, guiding the reader to understand what you are going to do and how you are going to do it. Include all steps in the process. Ensure that you have addressed ethical issues, such as informed consent and confidentiality. Note: it is the expectation that the rationale and justification for each step in the process will be supported through use of the research literature.
PLEASE INCORPORATE the following information in this assignment:
Intent of the study: This study will utilize a qualitative phenomenological approach to explore the relationship between spirituality and substance use amongst older Black adults. The purpose of a phenomenological study is to explore the rich details of the participants experience of the phenomena. Purposeful sampling and snowballing sampling are to be used. The second method of sampling will be a snowball sampling technique. The snow balling technique allows for an organic sampling process, which promotes participation through the subject relating to the subject matter of their own choice(Creswell, Creswell, Baez,2021). Snowballing is convenient and allows the researcher to receive more participants that are aware of the criteria and willing to engage in the research. A flier will be created explaining the purpose of the study and the expectations of adding to the advancement of future social work and substance use recovery interventions( See Appendix ) promoting participants who meet the criteria of being an older adult, a history of using substances currently or previously for more than a year of use. The flier will be handed out within the boroughs of Brooklyn. The flier will be posted at four different churches of different denominations and through a For profit senior services agency named Senior Aide services as well as social media such as Facebook and Instagram platforms. The sample size to be used will be an aim of 8-10 participants.
Any participants who respond to the fliers will be asked if they know others and could share the flier with those that they know that may fit the criteria of being an older black adult that has used substances for over one year either currently or in the past.
Each participant will be interviewed after being provided a consent form to sign ( See in Appendix) explaining the interview process and explaining that they have a right to stop the interview at anytime. Due to safety precautions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the interviews will be conducted via Zoom and recorded for translation purposes. Each participant will be provided a list of substance use recovery and counselling for mental health resources for continued counseling and therapy, substance use prevention hotlines and support groups. This is to ensure that in the best interest of the participant, if the interview has caused any substance use related anxiety or contemplation of a need for support that the researcher has made a direct and intentional effort to provide resources to connect the participant with guidance and assistance. Each participant will also receive a $25 gift certificate as appreciation and recognition of their support and inclusion of this research process.
Inclusion Criteria
The inclusion criteria for this study will consist of the following:
1. People who are 55 and older who self identify with being Black ( African, Caribbean, Hispanic, American descendants)
2. People who have had substance use for over 1 year either currently or in the past
3. People agreeing to participate in the study
Data Analysis:
The data analysis will be conducted by 45 minute semi- structured interviews through Zoom. The questions have been developed to discover the thematic findings created through the Literature review in which speaks to the voice of the Older black adults experiences using spirituality as a intervention tool towards substance use abstinence. The questions will also allow the participants to elaborate on the oppressive experiences of being Black in America and how those experiences have also played a role in the substance use choices, as well as the barriers they have found to be obstacles in receiving traditional treatment services. The following questions were adapted partially from the Spirituality assessment created by David Hodge( 2001), as suggested to assist clients in focusing on their relationships with their current spiritual beliefs to develop varies options for the mental health profession to consider if spirituality would be a useful tool in engaging their clients.
I need for you to write a research methodology section on “How does spirituality play a role in recovery for older Black adults that use substances?” The methodology should use the intent of the study (mentioned above) thus it should be a qualitative phenomenological research method.
The sections or paragraph headings to be included this assignment are:
1) The research design and the rationale for this decision, buttressed by citations from the
research literature.
2) The context for the study: Indicate where and when the study will be conducted and whether access has been assured (please incorporate the information stated above concerning the flier).
3) Data & subjects: What is the source of data for the study? Are you relying on an
already existing data file that someone else has already collected? Which one?
Describe it. Who or what are the subjects of this research? What is the unit of
analysis? What is the selection process? How many will be included in the study?
Discuss the feasibility and the methodological rationale for the type of sample and
its size. Address how sampling will address sub-population issues, as appropriate.
Are there any excluded categories of people or vulnerable populations according to
the Committee on Clinical Investigation criteria?
4) Measures: Itemize and define the critical concepts, key terms and variables to be
used in the study. Every dependent and independent variable in the study must be
operational zed, that is, defined clearly and exactly.
5) Definitions of other relevant concepts. Given the literature review, theoretical
section and measures sub-section, the number of such concepts should be limited.
6) Procedures: How are you going to collect data; How are you going to analyze the data?; it is highly recommended to
identify specific analytic strategies and techniques, which can
be found in several Qualitative Data Analysis texts.
7) Protection of human subjects: All plans, letters, consent forms related to protection of human subjects, as applicable. Please make sure that at least 9 sources (references) are 2018 and newer.

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