what is the career outlook for a Human Resource Manager?

Workforce planning is a complex research and design problem. Decisions made during this process have broad financial, legal, and operational implications. Decisions made in the job analysis and job design phases also have a significant impact on motivation, satisfaction, and retention.
Your Task
In your third rotation, you are reporting to the firm’s Chief Human Resources Officer, who is also the Workforce Planning consulting lead. The CHRO is interested in reality (market) testing the job descriiption template used for client firms and evaluating technology adoption and hiring trends. Your task is to use the Summary Report for a Human Resource Manager on O*Net to answer the CHRO’s questions and develop a reference job descriiption.
Based on O*Net, what is the career outlook for a Human Resource Manager? Under Technology Skills, what software was cited as “Hot Technology” or a frequently cited job requirement? Cite two “Work Context” factors that would contribute to job satisfaction and motivation based on job design theories. Convert the Summary Report into a job descriiption, with reference to the following elements:
Job Title
Reporting Relationships
Job Summary
Essential Functions
Job Specifications
What is the legal significance of the Essential Functions section?

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