What are some strategies you would employ to practice within your realm of competence?

This week, you learned about skills needed to be effective in crisis intervention and prevention as well as the standards of care for human service practice. Considering this knowledge, review the following scenario and then complete the following tasks:
Rita is having an affair with Sam, a married business associate who provides her car repair business with extremely lucrative contracts. Rita is married to a man who physically beats her, and they have two children together. Her business associate also has two small children. Rita and Sam are in love but neither feels they can get a divorce from their respective spouses. Rita is feeling very guilty and depressed, but is not particularly suicidal. She harbors a great deal of anger toward her husband, who recently beat her so badly that he left bruises on her body, legs, and arms. She suffers from low self-esteem. She has only told her problems to a friend who is a school counselor. She has approached you, a crisis worker, with the whole story because she is almost in a state of emotional immobility.
How you might use the hybrid task model of crisis intervention to help Rita during the initial session you have scheduled with her.
Considering your ethical obligation for efficacy of treatment, answer the following:
What are some referrals that would need to be made?
What are some strategies you would employ to practice within your realm of competence?
What are some issues where prevention strategies would be needed?

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