Create a Venn diagram to show the similarities and differences of the two organizations.

Purpose: There are many professional organizations that work toward the betterment of young children. The purpose is to compare and contrast professional organization in the field of early childhood education in key areas.
1. You are to select two organizations from the list:
Association for Children Education International
Council for Exceptional Children
Council for Professional Recognition
Defending the Early Years
Division for Early Childhood of the Council for Exceptional Children
National Association for Family Child Care
National Child Care Association
National Educational for Young Children
National Education Association
National Head Start Association
Zero to Three
2. Visit the websites, explore and summarize information about the following topics (in your own words)”
Mission or focus
Public policy & advocacy
Professional development opportunities (workshops, conferences)
Publications or journals
How to get involved
Membership fees
3. Create a Venn diagram to show the similarities and differences of the two organizations.
4. Which of the two organizations would you be more likely to consider joining? Why?

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