. What is your initial impression of the art?

The purpose of this assignment is to foster stronger connections between the arts and migrant justice.
Choose an existing piece of art that centres around a topic related to migrant justice. This could be a piece of visual art, a poem, a song, a film, a documentary, a spoken word piece, animation, photography, and so on. Students will then write a 500-word reflection on the piece of art, considering the following questions:
1. What is your initial impression of the art? What messages and/or feelings does it convey?
2. Who is the artist? Does the artist have a migrant experience? Does this change the way you view the art?
3. What is the medium? Why do you think the artist chose this medium? Is the medium important to get the artist’s message across?
4. Can you make any connections to this piece of art and what we’re talking about in class? Has the art inspired you in anyway? Or left you with additional questions?
Please note that students are encouraged to support their arguments with existing research (including class readings and external research). Please cite accordingly using APA.

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