What factors exist that can complicate the nurse-patient relationship?

M1 Communication and Space Discussion Forum
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Discussion Post 1: In your initial post, refer to the following case studies: Communication and Space. You will discuss both elements in one post. Then respond to two peers focusing on one of the case studies: Communication or Space. Refer to the Discussion Board grading rubric for maximum credit. Please remember to post your initial response by Wednesday at 11:59 p.m., and your response to your peers by Sunday at 11:59 p.m.
Case Study – Communication Read through the “Guidelines for Relating to Patients From Different Cultures”. Use the information to address the Case Study:
Ms. Peel is a 67 year old African American woman who was born and raised in Virginia. She has been living in New Hampshire just over seven years. Ms. Peel lives with her daughter and family. She provides childcare for her two grandchildren while the parents work. Ms. Peel began having pains in her neck, back, and chest after taking a long trip to Virginia by car. She believed the air conditioning of the car brought on this pain. Ms. Peel was seen by her primary care provider and diagnosed with muscle strain. She was referred to a massage therapist for treatment. After several weeks of therapy, the pain worsened and Ms. Peel was seen again by her provider. An X-ray was ordered and results revealed two fractures in the cervical and thoracic region of her spine. Ms. Peel was sent for an MRI which confirmed the fractures and revealed several tumors in the fractured areas. The office called the home where Ms. Peel lived and asked that her daughter call the physician immediately. Upon receiving the message, her daughter called the physician and was told her mother had a cancer called Multiple Myeloma (The physician did not communicate the information to Ms. Peel who is the patient and who answered the phone). The daughter was told that her mother would be referred to an oncologist immediately and that she should accompany her mother to the appointment. At the appointment with the oncologist, the oncology nurse greets Ms. Peel and her daughter and begins to collect information.
Describe what communication challenges this nurse may encounter.
What factors exist that can complicate the nurse-patient relationship?
What four communication approaches can the nurse use to give culturally appropriate care.
Case Study – Space
During the visit with the oncologist a bone marrow biopsy is ordered for Ms. Peel. The procedure is explained to Ms. Peel and her daughter. Ms. Peel consents to the procedure with reservations. Ms. Peel’s daughter is asked to remain in the room during the procedure.
When assessing Ms. Peel, what specific needs related to space and territoriality does the nurse need to take into consideration?
List ways that the oncology nurse could enable both Ms. Peel and her daughter to meet both their privacy and autonomy needs.
List ways that the nurse could control perceptual and verbal stimuli that may affect Ms. Peel during this procedure.

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