discuss the connection between all three parts of the triple bottom line of sustainability in this story.

This reading response has three parts:
First, you will read Ch. 16 Education (p. 317-321) and complete the Bioregionalism Quiz on p. 319. Reflect on the reading and how you did on the bioregionalism quiz.
Second, you will read Ch. 17 Working as Agents for Change (p. 339-344) in Sustainability Principles and Practice (Robertson 2017) and reflect on one line from the reading.
Third, you will listen to this clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrHIQIO_bdQ from NPR. discuss the connection between all three parts of the triple bottom line of sustainability in this story. Find the people, the prosperity, and the planet and describe how they fit together.
Your reading responses are an opportunity for reflection on your own thoughts, beliefs, questions, and/or concerns regarding a particular topic, issue, or experience. It is a reflection of your learning throughout the semester, not a diary or a book report. The ultimate purpose of the reading responses is to provide you with a safe, judgement-free place to express your ideas and opinions and to facilitate an understanding of the course material and experiences.
Each reading response should reflect approximately 60 minutes of effort and include appropriate and related photos, drawings, video clips, and links – anything that you wish to include that enhances your discussion. Be creative! This is an expression of your thoughts.
For most responses, you will select 3 lines from the week’s reading that stand out to you in some way (you agree with them, you disagree with them, you don’t understand them, etc.) and respond to them. BE SURE TO CHECK SPECIFIC READING RESPONSE ASSIGNMENTS, AS THE DIRECTIONS MAY BE DIFFERENT FOR SOME. Be detailed and give reasoning behind your thoughts. For example – don’t just say, “This sentence is dumb!” Tell me why it is dumb.
All work reflected in the response should be in your own words. If you use other authors’ work you need to properly paraphrase and reference the information including photos, graphics and/or external links (photos taken by you will need to be referenced as well). Use APA or MLA formatting of all citations. Citations for pictures can simply be the original website URL in a caption under the picture or in a list at the end of your reading response. Make sure you cite the textbook that you quote!
DO NOT list “Google images” as a citation for pictures. I need the URL from the original website.
You need to use correct grammar and spelling, using complete sentences.
You will be graded on the richness of your ideas and discussion, not on your opinions.

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