Prepare a short summary paper on how a specific AI application is constructed and applied within a business or societal context

Prepare a short summary paper (approx 4000 to 5000 words) or a slide deck (~25-35 slides) in in your group on how a
specific AI application is constructed and applied within a business or societal context. As is typical for your other courses
in the program, your paper/slide deck will be evaluated on criteria including the following:
Application of Course Concepts. To what extent have you accurately applied course concepts (theories, frameworks,
ideas) from the readings and discussions?
Use of Data. To what extent have you used evidence and facts (and considered disconfirming evidence) to support
your arguments?
Quality of Analysis. A strong analysis starts with a hypothesis and then is followed with a coherent argument that
integrates theory and data to support it. Have you done this? To what extent have you considered alternative
explanations? To what extent have you gone beyond the obvious explanation, or “first take” at the problem to
analyze it at a deeper level?
Organization. To what extent is your work clearly written and professionally presented?
Above are the instructions .
I am posting the syllabus as well as the rough cut of our idea behind the app that we want to present as the use case of AI ML.
It’s a Lifestyle app in which if you log all the inventory at home, you can put in the kind of diet that you follow on the app (Veg, non veg, Keri, etc…) and your goals (healthy, weight loss, protein rich, no preference etc…) and the time you have on hand to cook.
It will take all this data and search the net for all the recipe and give you the ones that you can make within time + learn how long does it actually take you to make a 10 mins recepie for an instance.
The outlines paper will give you more idea on where we are heading with this. An essay needs to be drafted in this and how AI ML can be utilized in our day to day life with this .

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