. Describe your reaction to the Gatto piece:

. Read the Gatto (2003) article: Against school: How public education cripples our kids and why. Based on the article, answer the following question in complete, grammatically-correct sentences (Times New Roman, 12pt font). Note that your response will require multiple sentences.
a. Describe your reaction to the Gatto piece: is he right on, way off, or somewhere in between? Why do you think so?
b. According to Inglis (1918), what are the six basic functions that complete the actual purpose of schooling (listed at bottom of pg. 36 to mid-page 37) ? How do the six basic functions of schools compare to the three traditional goals (listed at top of pg. 35) of:1) To make good people 2) To make good citizens 3) To make each person his or her personal best?
c. How do you think current public school serves our learners? Or, do you think current public schools do not serve our children? Why do you think this is so? Use examples from the article to support your statements.

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