create and solve probability problems referring to permutations and combinations.

For this week’s discussion…
You are going to create and solve probability problems referring to permutations and combinations. Each student is required to create FIVE word problems for your classmates to solve. A simple example is:
Problem – Imagine your family just picked up a box of donuts with eight different types of donuts in it. How many ways can you select three different donuts based off the box your family got?
Answer – This is a combination problem because the order of types of donuts does not matter. 8C3 = 56.
In your discussion post you must:
Create your FIVE word problems based on concepts of permutations or combinations.
Solve at least THREE word problems created by your classmates. Each word problem must come from a different
In your responses, you must provide the solution and the reasoning behind your solution. Explain your work.
Also have an answer key for the problems as well

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