Why is it that human service workers are at increasing risk of violence?

This week you learned about crisis in institutions and schools as well as ethical obligations as they relate to the human service workplace. Considering this knowledge, address the following:
Imagine you are a human services worker dealing with an agitated, verbally abusive client. The client is standing in front of you, yelling, griping and making horrific comments directed at your person hood. You consider the client’s history of violence and see that they are beginning to escalate with their verbal screaming and yelling. They are standing in front of the closed door to your office, unknowingly blocking the door for you to leave your office to gain assistance. You know that you need to get them to sit down so you can deal with the situation methodically
What techniques would you use to accomplish this goal?
How would you stay calm and relaxed and not become agitated yourself?
Think about the location where you currently work, or a place in the past where you have worked.
How safe do you, or did you, feel working there?
How would you assess the workplace’s safety plan?
What might the organization do to improve on the plan?
Why is it that human service workers are at increasing risk of violence?
Discuss at least two precipitating factors.
What is one way we can work with clients to prevent violence toward us

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