What theoretical/conceptual framework is the study going to use to understand the problem?

Write a 10 page pre-proposal following the following prompts, and be sure to include the program in which you are enrolled on the title page:
1) A research topic. A broad subject matter addressed in the study.
2) Background of the study. What is the general problem of interest to you? In what settings does this problem occur, and whom does it affect? What did you find in the literature about the problem? What is already known? What are the current best explanations of the problem? What issues remain to be understood? How do you situate yourself with respect to this inquiry (positionality)?
3) What theoretical/conceptual framework is the study going to use to understand the problem?
4) A problem statement. A general issue, concern, controversy that narrows the topic. It is a rationale for the problem based on past research and practice.
5) A study purpose. The major objective or intent of the study used to address the problem.
6) Research questions narrow the purpose into specific questions that the researcher would like to address. Quantitative studies develop hypothesis (declarative statements in which a researcher makes a prediction about the outcome) and variables (independent & dependent). Qualitative studies should articulate a clear phenomenon of interest/central phenomenon.
7) Research methodology. A plan of action or design lying behind the choice of particular methods. Describe the proposed sampling procedure, and the research design and procedures (What are your data sources? How will your data allow you to answer your research questions?)

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