what steps should Alex take to reduce employee theft?

Please read the instructions carefully for each question.
1. Please read, Exercise: Unethical Behavior. (a) As a manager, what steps should Alex take to reduce employee theft? (b) Do these events give you any additional insights into how to decrease employee theft in this store? Please share two additional ideas (not redundant from the first answer).
2. From your own experience, please think about the most critical decisions you have made. (a) Do you consider yourself a “rational” decision maker? (b) For what types of decisions are you determined to be the most rational? (c) What types of decisions are likely to cause you to behave irrationally?
3. (a) According to the list of decision-making problems uploaded, which problem did you most struggle with? Please share your example experiences (e.g., biases, attribution error, etc.). (b) What could you do to overcome those biases to make more accurate decisions?
Please number response

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