What is an HRIS

What is an HRIS? How can organizations use it to increase the efficiency and decrease the costs within the HR Department?
HRIS is the system that allows human resource functions to be obtained immediately, stored for later use, recovered in a matter of minutes, and distributed with the stoke of a key. Beyond that, HRIS can support well thought out decision making that helps the company steer clear of potential lawsuits. It can also assist with HR decisions that come up daily.
To increase efficiency: HR procedures can be simplified, hiring can be integrated, assessment process elements can be automated, compliance issues will be minimized, and high employee turnover can be a thing of the past. HRIS can be used over mobile devices and accessed from anywhere, can be used via cloud computing to allow working together as a group, and employees can have access to the dashboard via the company’s intranet which will be effortless for training.
To decrease costs: saves on paper by going from a paper system to digital; the purchase of filing cabinets to store employee folders; reduces staff on a payroll system and reduces the need for a human timekeeper and saves headaches of the HR staff.
My first HR assistant job was with a company that was about 12 years old and was in the gas station business. The company had over 30 gas stations with over 200 part-time and full-time employees. Their main administrative office personnel, when first starting out, was two main owners, an administrative assistant, and three family members. When they first started the business of purchasing gas stations, the administrative assistant did all duties that pertained to the HR/personnel side of the house such as payroll, onboarding, etc. plus, she did all of the accounting as well. My HR manager was hired after the CEO and the accounting department was put in place prior to my arrival. Due to the company’s continual purchasing of more gas stations, the CEO had to convince the business owners to hire a HR manager who came from a spice company where she was the HR manager for many years. She told me how she could not believe the system that was in place for over 200 employees. She did what she had to do and had a HRIS help her clean up and make it more streamlined to save her sanity after she arrived. After she was there for six months, I was hired to assist her. It was a very busy job that was non-stop daily and, unfortunately, the company had lots of turnover due to nonexistent benefits. The new HR manager has changed that, but unfortunately turnover remained high due to low hourly wages. The company was a business with owners from another country that wanted the HR manager to do things that she ethically could and would not do. She threatened them a couple of times about one of their store managers that would not bring in his green card. She gave the main owner an ultimatum and in three days the manager finally brought in his green card and I was able to e-Verify him. That HR manager was unwilling to do things in her job that were unethical. It was a fun job but was just not for me. This was the only experience I’ve had with a HRIS system that was not in place for a huge company. I recently read online how this company merged with another gas station entity and will both be headquartered in the same building that I worked at when I was with the company.
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