What are the policy implications or the “take-away-points” of this evaluation? How can this study be used to help the criminal justice field?

I included the directions below and attached a copy of the case study we need to be writing about and a sample version. It comes from the book ISBN:978-1-4522-1992-9 Organization and Management in the criminal justice System by Matthew Giblin.
Here is an example of case briefs: EXAMPLE BRIEFS.docx (NOTE These examples may or may not be in line with the length guidlines of this assignment – they are just examples for format and general content)
1. What is being evaluated?
2. What data and method does the author use? Why was that data and method used?
3. What were the findings?
4. What are the limitations of this study, in terms of the strength of evaluation, the validity of the data, etc.? How would you critique this study?
5. What are the policy implications or the “take-away-points” of this evaluation? How can this study be used to help the criminal justice field?
Grading Criteria:
1. APA format: include a title page, running head, page numbers (APA format) and APA citation of article at top of brief
PLease see APA 7th edition samples under course content on left hand side of page
2. Your brief cannot be any longer than 2 pages
3. APA format: 12-point, Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins on each side of your paper, entire document is double-spaced, left justified
Note: please visit Purdue University’s Online Writing Laboratory (OWL) for more information on APA formatting
4. Clear, concise, and neat format (you can use any format-just be neat and consistent)
5. Free of spelling and grammar errors
6. Analysis is critical and correct
7. All sections are thoroughly addressed

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