Identify and debunk two myths about sexual assault.

This week, you learned about sexual assault as it occurs with human service populations as well as your ethical obligation with regard to professional boundaries in human services. Considering this knowledge, review the follow scenario and then complete the following tasks:
Jessica is an intern assigned to a criminal justice agency that advocates and provides services for victims of sexual assault. As she is doing her rounds, she find out that two of her friends that she went to high school with have been admitted to the facility following a violent sexual assault experience at a local party. As she walks past the clinical office where one of these individuals is waiting, she makes eye contact with them however they do not acknowledge her presence, making this an awkward encounter. She has not seen this individual in such a long time and now she has access to their medical records, trauma history as well as their clinical record as they receive services at her agency. In, order to make the individual feel comfortable, she decides to approach them and explain that she is working at the agency for her internship for an occupation that she is serious about pursuing. She assures them of confidentiality and informs them that while at work she tries to maintain a professional demeanor but with old friends she tries to be more approachable during work hours. She informs them that after work, she can stop by their home and pay friendly visits to “check up on them”. She inquires as to why they are at the facility and then requests their personal phone number to which they reluctantly provide.
After reviewing the above scenario, what NOHS (2015) ethical guidelines would be relevant?
Did Jessica violate any NOHS (2015) ethical guidelines? why or why not?
Identify and debunk two myths about sexual assault.
Why do these myths persist when they are, clearly, myths?
What is secondary victimization and how can it be minimized or prevented in human service practice?

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