Find three examples throughout the story that foreshadow Georgiana’s death. Cite them

Answer three of the following prompts in your initial post of at least 250 words. Then respond to two peer posts with responses of at least 150 words.Make sure to incorporate quotes from the text and, if needed, a secondary sourceinto your posts to support your opinions.Use MLA formatted in-text citations and bibliographic entries.Click on create thread to begin.
1. Aylmer’s assistant, Aminadab, laughs twice at the end of the story. The first time he laughs, he seems to be laughing with triumph that Georgiana’s birthmark is fading. But after Georgiana dies, he laughs again. Why is he laughing that second time?
2. Aylmer creates a plant that quickly grows, blooms into a flower, and then dies in the hands of Georgiana. What does this plant and its quick demise symbolize? Find three examples throughout the story that foreshadow Georgiana’s death. Cite them. Explain them.
3. Other than being a vein jerk who wants a “perfect” wife, why is Aylmer trying to rid Georgiana of the birthmark? If he succeeds, what will it mean to him? Again, Hawthorne tells you right in his story. Find it. Cite it. Explain it.

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