Analyze the impact that social class has on your assigned family generation

Most fact sheets are two pages in length. They should have a good balance of text (in a readable font), white space, and images or charts and graphs. An effective fact sheet is informative and visually interesting. Many use a two-column format, as well as color fonts, headers and photographs. It is important to keep your audience in mind, as you write the text for your Fact Sheet. Use headings throughout the Fact Sheet to guide your reader through the Fact Sheet. For the purposes of this assignment, assume you are working with an agency and are developing this Fact Sheet for distribution among the general public to share information regarding the impact that social class has on the family life cycle.
Your fact sheet should:
Describe the concept of social class
Explain the types of families that are included in each social class position described professional-managerial class, working class, and underclass.
Analyze the impact that social class has on your assigned family generation (For example: a premature baby being able to receive the medical treatment needed).
List the possible challenges that face your assigned family generation as a result of social class position.
Use 2 additional scholarly references Scholarly references can include peer-reviewed articles, journals, government websites, and any course supplemental resources

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