Do you find instances of exaggeration of symptoms or diagnostic severity

Please label each question to the right answer. The question must be before the answer. Divide the word count of 550 within the three questions. If you use a reference, please cite the reference. Answer each question fully. Keep in mind the questions ae based off a practicum class for professional counseling in psychology.
Topic 1 DQ1- y Do you find instances of exaggeration of symptoms or diagnostic severit(so-called “diagnostic creep”) in order to retain or maximize benefits/coverage for the client? Explain your experiences. How successful have you been on addressing the goals on your activity plan? Explain the successes or barriers you have faced.

Topic 1 DQ2- Looking back at when you began your practicum, are you now more comfortable working with a variety of clients with differing diagnosis? Use examples in your answer.
Topic 1 DQ3- How has your coursework helped you to identify co-occurring disorders?

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