Describe the critical event – what happened?

a self-reflection on a clinical situation should be written, I wrote a draft of the points needed that needs to be edited, re-written in a shorter paraphrased and better way to reach a total word count of 700 – 800 words only when combining both parts.
Part 1: Describe the critical event – what happened? I need the descriiption I wrote to be paraphrased and re-written in a better summarized way (not more than 300 words for the descriiption) Part 2: Self-reflection that includes answer to the following questions: (500 words) – Re-write what is written in a better way and if you find some points are good keep them as written) but try to re-write it again from the beginning as I wrote it the draft very quickly and it it messy with messy thoughts. These are the areas that needs to be answered In the self-reflection (part 2): you can use these models below to arrange the reflection. you will find attached also an example of previous reflection I did to guide you on how it should look like.

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