❖ Discuss self-awareness before the 3 attributes

❖ This assignment is designed to demonstrate that you have met Learning Outcome
❖ LO – Demonstrate self-awareness through reflection upon own personal core values, key skills, attitudes and assumptions
❖ Title: “Individual Essay for Personalising Nursing Care”
❖ This includes your own contribution to seminars and the poster development
❖ Word Count – 1000 words (+/- 10%), Academic Level 4 Writing
❖ Within the introduction, please introduce the reader to the four areas that you will be covering within the main body of the assignment
❖ For example – self-awareness and three personal attributes
❖ Tell the reader, what Self Awareness is and how it impacts Nursing.
❖ Nothing more – do not start discussing your research and or evidence within the introduction
❖ This is often written last to ensure that everything that you have discussed within the main body of work is mentioned here
❖ 100 words approximately.
Main Body:
❖ Within this part of the assignment, please reflect upon your self-awareness and the three personal attributes that you have chosen to discuss
❖ Discuss self-awareness before the 3 attributes (200 words approximately), then each attribute separately.
❖ Examples of personal attributes may include: ambitious, committed, courageous, disciplined, experienced, imaginative, keen, methodical, persuasive, productive, reliable, reserved, sensitive, strong, tactful, talkative, open to new ideas, understanding, well-organised, systematic etc
Please reflect upon each attribute separately (200 words each)
You may find it focuses your thinking and therefore your writing if you follow the following template:
❖ Use a sub-heading for each separate attribute: Committed
❖ What was this attribute like before you started the Personalizing Nursing Care module?
❖ Discuss how these have changed/developed during the module. Has it changed? If so how and why? If not discuss why?
❖ How will you continue to develop/maintain this attribute in the future.
❖ Approximately 200 words for each attribute.
❖ Therefore self-awareness and your three attributes should total approximately 800 words
❖ Key points that you have reflected upon must be supported by citations & references as per APA Version 7
❖ Please avoid using direct quotes
❖ Must include a reference list at the end
❖ Reference List – not a Bibliography, and a minimum of 5 references should be used for the essay (Nursing and Midwifery Council Code – The Code, and 4 more)
❖ Within this section, summarise the main points that you have discussed within the main body of the assignment
❖ Do not include any new information within the conclusion
100 words approximately
Referencing: Use peer-reviewed materials (Books, Journals, Articles)
Avoid public accessible materials – use NHS, NHS England, Department of Health, Nursing Midwifery Council, Library, etc.
Should be written in the First-person (I…)

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